WHO team arrives in China to ascertain origin of corona virus, probe launched from Wuhan city

An international team of 10 experts led by the World Health Organization has reached China's Wuhan on Thursday. Let us say that the city of Wuhar was the first to have a corona virus infection in December 2019 and then it engulfed the entire world. China's official media reported that a team of WHO experts has arrived in Wuhan to ascertain the origin of Kovid-19. The team has come from Singapore and comprises of 10 experts.

According to the National Health Commission of China (NHC), the WHO team will complete the separate-habitat process under the country's guidelines for epidemic control before starting work. The experts are likely to remain in separate accommodation for 14 days and conduct necessary checks of Covid-19. NHC officials told media in Beijing on Wednesday that where the virus started, it is a scientific question and suggested that experts should also visit other countries. An NHC official said that who experts will interact through video conferences with Chinese medical experts during the period of separation. The WHO team has also raised questions over the delayed permission for the tour. China has been consistently challenging the claims of the virus launch in Wuhan. China has been consistently rejecting the notion of the introduction of corona virus from the animal market in Wuhan. This market of animal meat in Wuhan has been closed since the beginning of last year. The CDC deputy director of The Chinese, Feng Jixian, said that they do not have the answers to these questions, the carrier of the corona virus or how the virus reached humans from animals. He said Chinese medical experts will help who experts in their efforts to find out the source of the virus. Feng said China has been calling for coordinated research of the international community on the virus. Chinese experts will work closely with them when the WHO team arrives in Wuhan. In addition, China is also facing difficulties in its vaccine coronavac. A report in the past claimed that the efficacy rate of the vaccine has now decreased considerably after giving better results in the beginning. According to the report, the results released earlier indicated that coronavac is also effective in serious cases of disease and gives full protection. At that time, the efficacy of the vaccine was up to 78 per cent. But in the results released later, it was reduced to about 50 per cent. 

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