Afghan President Ashraf Ghani leaves the country as Air India flight arrives in Delhi with 129 passengers

The Government of India has evacuated 129 passengers to New Delhi after Taliban fighters entered Afghanistan's capital Kabul. In fact, after the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan, there is an atmosphere of fear everywhere. Meanwhile, an Air India flight had left Kabul for Delhi on Sunday evening with Indians. According to flight radar, the Airbus A320 flight took off from Delhi at 12.43 pm and landed in Kabul two hours later at 2.45 pm. It was scheduled to take off from Kabul at 4.15 pm, but due to poor condition, the aircraft could take off at 5.03 pm. A total of 129 passengers were on board the Air India flight. However, it took time for the flight to get clearance to land in Kabul, forcing the flight to travel in the sky for some time. An Air India official said the flight has been operated inside the air bubble in Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan. News agency Reuters quoted a senior interior ministry official as saying that Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan for Tajikistan. Afghan nationals as well as people from other countries are fleeing from there. Kabul airport has been under heavy jam since Sunday morning. Moreover, the Taliban has assured the people that those who are leaving Kabul will be allowed to leave.

ISI behind Taliban

Former Pakistan Senator Afrasiab Khattak had recently claimed that pakistani intelligence agency ISI was behind the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. The Support of the ISI has been extended to the Taliban. Afrasiab had said that the ISI was helping the Taliban in destabilizing Afghanistan. He had claimed that in just a few days the Taliban would infiltrate into Kabul and capture it. His claim now seems to be coming true. Not only that, some Taliban leaders have also been spotted at Pakistan's Islamabad airport.

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