J&K administration decides to get new identity cards for civil secretariat persons

 New identity cards will soon be issued to Jammu and Srinagar Secretariat personnel to make better arrangements in both the Secretariats of Jammu and Kashmir. The new Identity Card card will have qr code (Quick Response Code) for security reasons. This will not make it possible to make fake cards of these identity cards. State that after the new card is created, the system of entry from the old card in both the secretariats will be switched off. In such a situation, easy entry of old employees into the Secretariat will be restricted after retirement and attachment is over. Because there is no dearth of employees in the State who have not returned their cards even after retiring or going to the original departments after the attachment is cancelled. The new identity cards will be issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Police Security Branch to the Secretariat staff.

State that in order to make arrangements for issuing certificates to the employees, the Government has directed all departments to make every officer at the level of Additional Secretary nodal. These nodal officers will coordinate with the SSP, Civil Secretariat, Srinagar to create new Identity Cards. All the employees of the Secretariat will have to give their name and all other information in writing for the new card. A format has been created for this. On the other hand, the details of the employees attached to other departments in the Secretariat will have to be given separately. After which they will be given identity cards for 6 months. The government has asked the Department of Information and Technology to provide software and other equipment suitable for early creation of identity cards containing QR code. In case of transfer or retirement, these identity cards will have to be returned to SSC Security. According to the information, in case of non-doing, no objection certificate will be given to them. On the other hand, in case of disappearance of identity card, the police will have to deposit 500 rupees in the treasury and make a new card after reporting it. The order for creation of a new kard for secretariat personnel has been issued by government secretary Manoj Kumar Dwivedi on Wednesday.

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